Wednesday, July 25, 2012

DOT Answers: Bridge work schedule

DOT Answers: Bridge work schedule 
The Providence Journal-July 22, 2012
Dana Alexander Nolfe

 Q: The bridge at the north end of North Broadway in East Providence will take two years to replace. Why can’t a replacement bridge be built off-site as the Iway was on I-195? Once the new footings are in place the replacement bridge could be put down on this short span.
   Larry B., Barrington    A: RIDOT’s engineers agree that the work needs to happen as quickly as possible in this location. The department therefore has negotiated with the contractor of the Ten Mile River Bridges replacement and plans to accelerate the bridge’s construction.    The two bridges are expected to open to traffic by the end of this year. Other more minor construction work will continue with minimal impact to traffic.    Dana Alexander Nolfe, chief public affairs officer for the state Department of Transportation, answers questions of general interest posed by Journal readers about state roads and other state transportation matters.

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