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DOT Answers: I-95 lights turned back on

DOT Answers: I-95 lights turned back on
The Providence Journal-July 8, 2012
Dana Alexander Nolfe

Q: Traveling from Richmond to the Connecticut border on I-95 every day in the dark hours, it would be nice if there were some highway lighting. Most of the highway lights are off to the on-ramps and off-ramps. I-95 does not have any of its lights on except maybe a few. Please reconsider turning our highway lights back on.

A: RIDOT has looked into your concerns regarding highway lights being off on I-95 between the Town of Richmond and the Connecticut state line.

We believe that there was a temporary outage of highway lighting on this section of road that was caused by a damaged underground conduit. A few of the lights may also have been off due to damaged light bulbs in need of replacement.

To date, the damaged conduit has been fixed, and a lighting inventory has been done in this area that indicates that these lights are also now working properly.

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