Monday, July 30, 2012

DOT Answers: Traffic signal timing fixed at Warwick intersection

Traffic signal timing fixed at Warwick intersection
The Providence Journal – July 29, 2012
Dana Alexander Nolfe

 Q: Since the completion of the new intersection between Routes 5 and 113 in Warwick, there seems to be an issue with the timing of the traffic signal. Specifically, the green left turn signal from Route 113 West onto Route 5 North is short, often leaving several cars after it turns red. Similarly, the left turn signal into the Lowe's and Stop & Shop plaza which was installed at the same time is also short. Can the DOT look into these issues?
   — John, Warwick

   A: In response to your e-mail, the Department has reviewed the operation of the traffic signals at Greenwich Avenue and East Avenue, and at Greenwich Avenue and the Lowes Shopping Plaza. Engineers have made some adjustments to the intersection   operation and timing, which will provide better service to turning traffic.
Dana Alexander Nolfe, chief public affairs officer for the state Department of Transportation, answers questions of general interest posed by Journal readers about state roads and other state transportation matters.  

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